Why Pensions Still Make Sense

There are many reasons to start a pension and we have put together 6 keys points regarding pensions.

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1. State Pension Uncertainty:

Workers paying to support each pensioner is decreasing which will put pressure on Government finances

2. Age to receive State Pension is increasing:

Somebody born in 1961 or after this date will not receive the state Pension until they are 68 years old

3. Life Expectancy is Increasing:

Savings may need to last more than 20 years into retirement, therefore, once you make it to 66 years old, males have a 17 year life expectancy and females have a 20 year life expectancy

4. Income Tax Relief:

You can get income tax relief with every €100 invested, so if your tax rate is 20%, you pay €80, and if your tax rate is 40%, you pay €60

5. Tax Free Retirement Lump Sum:

You can take 25% of your pension fund tax free or with a company pension you can take 1.5 times your salary* tax free

*depending on the length of time in the company

6. Investment options to suit every investor type:

This includes investments in equities, bonds, property, and also deposits, trackers and other secure options

Karen Cantwell, 10.06.2019 | Posted in News