Senior Times podcast with Michael D. Higgins

Zurich is proud to support Senior Times magazine’s new podcast series where broadcasting legend Mike Murphy interviews prominent Irish figures. 

In the first episode President Michael D. Higgins talks childhood, presidency, poetry and much more. Mike also talks to Zurich’s Kristen Foran about the importance of starting a pension and financial planning for the future, and has a quick chat with Derek Bell Chief operations officer of the retirement planning council of Ireland, and finally Andy Franklin Miller consultant physician sport and exercise medication in the Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry. 

Mike Murphy introduces Michael D Higgins as a Social Reformer, Poet, Polictician and a man for all seasons and starts by asking him if he is enjoying his second term as president to which the President replies “Yes, I am, It’s what I think I can do best at this stage of my life”

The President went on to say that in the first term, he saw opportunities of extending the role of the President and this second term gives me a chance to develop these opportunities

Mike speaks to the President about his childhood saying that he had an interesting childhood, but it is an extraordinary record of that time in life in Ireland that is at a risk of being forgotten 

His father was a victim of the civil war, who was a very tragic character, and at the age of 5, Michael D Higgins went off to live with his aunt in the country. He was born in Limerick in 1941 and all of his family was involved in the war of independence, his father and his father’s brother were on opposite sides of the war, his father being anti-treaty and his father’s brother being pro-treaty. Mr Higgins said he doesn’t believe the relationship between the 2 brothers was ever fully restored, after the war his father couldn’t get his old job back and started his life all over again in Kildare. He goes on to speak of his parents and what life was like living in Co. Clare with his aunt and uncle, school and education, and his sister’s immigrating. 

The President’s poem ‘The Betrayal’ is one of his most famous poems about his Father, he reads the first and last verse in the podcast, you can find the full poem here

When Mike asks the President about his health, saying that he appears to be very healthy to which the President responds ‘Carl Jung said that the only way to manage ageing was to see yourself living to 300’ 

You can listen to this podcast in full by clicking below 

Next on the podcast is an interview with Kristen Foran National Sales Director of Zurich

Mike begins by asking her at what stage should one start making provisions for one’s retirement? Kristen advises that it really comes down to what you want from retirement, when you retire, what do you want your income to look like.

Life has changed a lot nowadays and people may still have outgoings when they retire, so the more money you set aside for your retirement, the more options you have when you retire. 

She also explains that it is never too early to start a pension, and if you can get as much into ‘the pot’ as you can, you have more options when you are older. 

Kristen talks about the state pension, retirement age, the sandwich generation (people in their mid 40’s/50’s now), financial advisors, and women being at more of a disadvantage when it comes to retirement. 

Mike talks to Derek Ball, who is the Chief Operation Officer of the Retirement Planning Council of Ireland

Derek explains that the Retirement Planning Council of Ireland helps people understand what happens when the world of work is no more and that the real issue when it comes to retirement is time, people work 50 hours a week between work and commuting and all of a sudden they have those 50 hours back, every week and they start to question what will I do with all this time 

The Retirement Planning Council doesn’t give financial advise, but can give you a list of questions to ask a financial advisor. You can visit the Retirement Planning Council of Ireland website by clicking here 

The final guest on the podcast is Andy Franklin Miller who is a Consultant Physician in Sport and Exercise medication in the Sports Surgery clinic in Santry

Andy explains that anyone can attend the Sports Surgery clinic, they cater for exercise medicine, muscular pain, joint pain etc. Andy advised that the WHO recommend 150 minutes of exercise a week to reduce high blood pressure, drugs can take it down by a similar amount but generally advise is lacking on what to do exercise wise. Exercise can be prescribed for an individual person to help with this.

If you would like to listen to this podcast in full, please click here 

If you would like to discuss retirement, pensions or would like to start a pension, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email or click here

Karen Cantwell, 26.05.2020 | Posted in News