Pension Tax Deadline 2018 – Employees


Tax Saving Opportunities – For Employees 


Good news! Do you feel you are paying too much tax? You may be entitled to a refund of some of the income tax you paid in 2017, read on.. 


  • You can avail of this tax saving opportunity by personally making a lump sum Pension contribution
  • You need to make this Pension Contribution by 31st October this year
  • And you also need to elect to backdate this tax relief to 2017 – subject to the age limits shown below:


Age Band% of Net Relevant
60 and over40%
Up to age 2915%


Not only have you the advantage of reducing your Tax Bill you are also building a retirement fund for future financial planning.

Don’t delay, as the option of backdating relief for employees is only available until 31st October.

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Karen Cantwell, 4.10.2018 | Posted in News