Low Interest Rates

Low Interest Rates – Are You Considering all Your Options

The good news is low deposit interest rates can open other windows of potential opportunities!
We have seen another year of significant low deposit interest rates, and this trend looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. These low interest rates however are significantly impacting your savings. Have you considered what this means for you and what you should be doing to make your finances work for you over the longer term?
Even in the uncertain times that we live in today; there are potential growth opportunities out there. When it comes to investing it’s a global market – there are still countries with healthy economies and more importantly, lots of companies earning strong profits and paying dividends.
There are risks when it comes to investing your money, buy you can choose how much risk you want to take, whether it’s a lot or a little. But if you do nothing, you will see your hard earned money earning very little, if any, in a deposit account especially if you take into account inflation.
Here at Cantwell Financial Advisors Ltd we offer a wide range of investment options for you to

Karen Cantwell, 24.01.2018 | Posted in News