Education Costs!

Education Costs!

Did you know that the cost of primary school education is 42% higher than parents expect, while the cost of secondary school education comes in 21% above parents expectations. Plus, 52% of parents of third level students got into debt to cover the cost of college.

For parents gearing up for September, this probably comes as no surprise.
Following a recent survey by Zurich Life, the estimated costs for children’s education can be summarised as follows:

  • Primary School                     Annual Cost: €830 – Lifetime Cost: €6,640
  • Secondary School                Annual Cost: €1,495 – Lifetime Cost: €7,218
  • Third Level Education         Annual Cost: €9,011 – Lifetime Cost: €36,044     

To give your child the best start in their adult life, you will need the finance to match their ambition.

Planning is Key!

Talk to us at Cantwell Financial Advisors Ltd and we can put these plans in place for you.

Use the below Cost of College Education Calculator to work out the estimated costs of sending your children to college and to see how much you might need to save each month to meet these college costs.

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Karen Cantwell, 17.08.2018 | Posted in News