2019 Budget Summary

Details of the 2019 Budget were announced in Dáil Éireann on Tuesday 9th October 2018, below is a summary of the main changes in the 2019 Budget which may have implications for you Small Reductions in Income Tax and USC: No changes in Income Tax rates and the main tax credits and allowances No changes […]

Inheritance Tax & Cohabiting Couples

Inheritance Tax & Cohabiting Couples – The Facts: Assets passing on death between married couples/civil partners are exempt from Inheritance tax BUT this exemption only applies in the case of ‘Legal Spouses’/Civil Partners ALL other couples are treated as strangers from an Inheritance Tax point of view where the threshold is currently only €16,250 Inheritances in […]

How Funds Work?

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Pension Tax Deadline 2018 – Employees

  Tax Saving Opportunities – For Employees    Good news! Do you feel you are paying too much tax? You may be entitled to a refund of some of the income tax you paid in 2017, read on..    You can avail of this tax saving opportunity by personally making a lump sum Pension contribution You […]

Pension Tax Deadline 2018 – For the Self Employed

Who files a self-assessment tax return?  The self employed, proprietary directors (those who own more than 15% of a company) and people with non-PAYE income are required to file self assessment tax returns under the Pay and File system with Revenue Employees and Directors in occupational pension schemes can also reduce their 2017 tax bill […]