Are you protecting your most valuable asset???…….Your Income!

Your biggest financial risk is being financially exposed if you are unable to work because of an accident or illness before your retirement age

Without the right protection in place, the financial impact can be devastating

We rely on our income to fund our lifestyle such as mortgage/rent, food, clothing, utility bills, car, holidays, children’s education, loan repayments, pension contributions etc


Your income is like your money machine! You would be surprised at how quickly your hard earned savings would erode

How long would €50,000 last?

17 months

Based on monthly outgoings

of €3,000


Recent Claimant Statistics show

The Average Claim lasts 6.5 years

That’s a long time to be without an income


In a 2017 report by Friends First, it’s figures for Income Protection Claims were as follows:

  • The average age of the claimant was 48 years old
  • 56% of claimants were under 50 years old
  • 41% were male 
  • 59% were female


When it comes to sick pay, what someone will receive will vary greatly between firms and if you are self employed, you may receive no income!

Income Protection is designed to protect your income throughout your working life. Put simply – Income Protection means you can continue to pay your household bills and maintain the lifestyle you have worked so hard for if you are unable to work due to illness or an accident

You can protect up to 75% of your earnings less any social welfare payments you may be entitled to. The benefit becomes payable after your chosen deferred period (usually between 4 and 52 weeks) and is paid UP to your retirement age OR until you can return to work.  The premiums for Income Protection policies attract tax relief at your marginal rate.

Below is a short video on Income Protection, press play to watch:

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Karen Cantwell, 26.10.2018 | Posted in News